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dc.descriptionOne tiff file and one jpeg image.en_US
dc.descriptionMICROBIOLOGY 1985-1.jpeg: Key to people featured in class photo for the microbiology course in 1985 "Microbiology 1985 1st Row L to R 1. Carol Summers, 2. Mark Smith, 3. Alejandro Marineclarena 4. Pierre Rouviere 5. Rene Schwarzenback, 6. Waltraud Dilling, 7. John Coutinho, 8. Jonathan Trent. 2nd Row L to R 1. Alicia Stanton, 2. Jane Warshaw, 3. Ken Noll, 4. Heidi Kaplan, 5. Tom Booik, 6. Alan Lewitus, 7. Bernhard Schink, 8. Ralph Wolfe. 3rd Row L to R 1. Cindy Bryden, 2. Mercedes Pascual Spada, 3. Kendall Gray, 4. Wendy O'Brien, 5. Cami Harwood, 6. Tuck Leadbetter, 7. Paul Dunlap. 4th Row L to R 1. Pete Lereenberg, 2. Mike Martin, 3. Josef Zeyer, 4. Trish Hartell, 5. Charles Pratt, 6. Thierry Damerval, 7. Andy Kropinskien_US
dc.format.mediumMarine Biological Laboratory Archivesen_US
dc.sourcePhoto Collection, Box 32, Marine Biological Laboratory Archives.en_US
dc.titleKey to people featured in class photo for the microbiology course in 1985en_US
dc.publisher.digitalMarine Biological Laboratory (Woods Hole, Mass)en_US
dc.publisher.digitalArizona Board of Regentsen_US
dc.rights.licenseLicensed as Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Unported.
dc.subject.mblhistorySpecial Topics Coursesen_US

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