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    • Evelyn Lorraine Rothman (1932–2007) 

      Horwitz, Rainey
      Evelyn Lorraine Rothman advocated for women’s reproductive rights and invented at-home kits for women’s health concerns in the late twentieth century in Los Angeles, California. Rothman provided women in the Los Angeles ...
    • The Jane Collective (1969–1973) 

      Horwitz, Rainey
      The Jane Collective was an underground organization that provided illegal abortion services in Chicago, Illinois, from 1969 until abortions became legal in 1973. Formally called the Abortion Counseling Service of Women’s ...
    • Jane Elizabeth Hodgson (1915–2006) 

      Horwitz, Rainey
      Jane Elizabeth Hodgson was a physician who advocated for abortion rights in the twentieth century in the United States. In November of 1970, Hodgson became the first physician in the U.S. to be convicted of performing an ...