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    • “Elective Induction of Labor” (1955), by Edward Bishop 

      Abboud, Carolina J.
      In 1955, obstetrician Edward Bishop, a physician specializing in childbirth, published the article “Elective Induction of Labor,” in which he proposed the best conditions for pregnant women to elect to induce, or begin, ...
    • Marshall Henry Klaus (1927–2017) 

      Darby, Alexis
      Marshall Henry Klaus was a scientist and pediatrician who studied maternal-infant bonding in the twentieth century in the United States. Maternal-infant bonding is the psychological and chemical attachment between mother ...
    • “Pelvic Scoring for Elective Induction” (1964), by Edward Bishop 

      Abboud, Carolina J.
      In the 1964 article, “Pelvic Scoring for Elective Induction,” obstetrician Edward Bishop describes his method to determine whether a doctor should induce labor, or artificially start the birthing process, in a pregnant ...