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    • Charles Raymond Greene (1901–1982) 

      Zietal, Bianca E.
      Charles Raymond Greene studied hormones and the effects of environmental conditions such as high-altitude on physiology in the twentieth century in the United Kingdom. Green researched frostbite and altitude sickness during ...
    • Katharina Dorothea Dalton (1916–2004) 

      Zietal, Bianca
      Katharina Dorothea Dalton was a physician in England in the twentieth century who defined premenstrual syndrome (PMS) as a cluster of symptoms suspected to begin one to two weeks before menstruation and disappear upon the ...
    • "The Premenstrual Syndrome" (1953), by Raymond Greene and Katharina Dalton 

      Zietal, Bianca E.
      In 1953, Raymond Greene and Katharina Dalton, who were doctors in the UK, published The Premenstrual Syndrome in the British Medical Journal. In their article, Dalton and Greene established the term premenstrual syndrome ...