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    • Edgar Allen (1892–1943) 

      Van Iten, Brendan
      Edgar Allen identified and outlined the role of female sex hormones and discovered estrogen in the early 1900s in the US. In 1923, Allen, through his research with mice, isolated the primary ovarian hormone, later renamed ...
    • Edgar Allen and Edward A. Doisy's Extraction of Estrogen from Ovarian Follicles, (1923) 

      Van Iten, Brendan
      In the early 1920s, researchers Edgar Allen and Edward Adelbert Doisy conducted an experiment that demonstrated that ovarian follicles, which produce eggs in mammals, also contain and produce what they called the primary ...
    • Eugen Steinach (1861–1944) 

      Nunez-Eddy, Claudia; Turriziani Colonna, Federica
      Eugen Steinach researched sex hormones and their effects on mammals in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries in Europe. He experimented on rats by removing their testicles and implanting them elsewhere in their ...