Items in this collection should remain open access to the public, though they are no longer displayed on the Embryo Project Encyclopedia digital publication. These items may be cited or linked elsewhere.

An example of such an item is the Margaret Sanger article. Kimberly A. Buettner wrote and published an EPE article about Sanger in 2007. Over time, the EPE's standards changed, and Buettner's article no longer passed muster. in 2016, Claudia Nunez Eddy and Lakshme Malladi wrote a new article about Sanger to meet the later standards.

Buettner's article was moved to this collection, and was no longer displayed on the EPE website. In similar situations, editors should do the following. 1. Publish the new article as normal. 2. For the old article, redirect its two urls to the new article. The first url is the "pretty url" found in the web address bar of the page. The second is the "stable url" or handle found in the "How to Cite" section of the page. To make redirects, copy those urls onto a txt document. Go to the page for the new article. Log into the website (you need admin privileges). Click the "Edit" button on the page for the article. An editing page loads, and at the bottom, there is a button that enables you to set redirects. Click it and paste the two previous urls into it. 3. Change the location of the old article in the HPS Repository. It will be a part of the collect "Embryo Project Article" in the community "Embryo Project Encyclopedia". Move it to this collection in the community "Embryo Project". 4. For the new article, indicate with an editors note that the new article replaces the old. In that note, indicate the old author, publication date, and link to the old item in the HPS repository via the items repository URL. Look to the Sanger article and xhtml bitstream for an example.

Recent Submissions

  • Birth Defects Caused by Agent Orange 

    King, Jesse (Arizona State University. School of Life Sciences. Center for Biology and Society. Embryo Project Encyclopedia., 2013-03-18)
    During the Vietnamese War between 1961 and 1971 the United States armed forces engaged in a massive defoliation and crop destruction campaign named Operation Ranch Hand. Agent Orange, an herbicide so named because of the ...
  • Margaret Higgins Sanger (1879-1966) 

    Buettner, Kimberly A. (Arizona State University. School of Life Sciences. Center for Biology and Society. Embryo Project Encyclopedia., 2012-05-10)
    Margaret Higgins Sanger, a leader of the movement to decriminalize contraceptive use in the United States, was born on 14 September 1879 to Anne Purcell and Michael Hennessey Higgins in Corning, New York. Prior to her ...