Editor's note:

Neekta Hamidi defended her thesis titled “Visualizing the Embryo: Establishing Procedures for Digital Image Production with the Embryo Project” in April 2013 in front of committee members Jane Maienschein, Nathan Crowe, and Erica O’Neil, earning her a Bachelor's degree from Barrett, the Honors College. https://repository.asu.edu/items/17113


The Embryo Project Encyclopedia is an online database that has consolidated hundreds of development-related research articles, with subcategories addressing the context of such research. These articles are written by undergraduate students, graduate students, and professionals in the fields of biology, history, and other fields, and are intended for a diverse audience of readers from both biology and non-biology related backgrounds. As the Embryo Project addresses a public audience, it is imperative to utilize all possible means to share the information that each article covers.

Until 2013, the Embryo Project Encyclopedia had not presented images in articles due to the fact that there was no formal protocol for developing images at that time. I have created an image style guide that outlines the basic steps of creating and submitting an image that can complement an Embryo Project article and can enhance a reader’s understanding of the discussed concept. In creating this style guide, I investigate similar protocols used by other scientific journals and medical professionals. I also use different programs and base my style guide on the procedures that I had used in Adobe Illustrator CS6.