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  • Texas Medical Providers Performing Abortion Services v. Lakey (2012) 

    Gerais, Reem
    In the 2012 case Texas Medical Providers Performing Abortion Services v. David Lakey, a US appeals court ruled as constitutional a Texas law that required abortion providers in the state to show women receiving abortions ...
  • Interspecies SCNT-derived Humanesque Blastocysts 

    Taddeo, Sarah; Robert, Jason S.; Newkirk, Nicole
    Since the 1950s, scientists have developed interspecies blastocysts in laboratory settings, but not until the 1990s did proposals emerge to engineer interspecies blastocysts that contained human genetic or cellular material. ...
  • Diana W. Bianchi 

    Abboud, Alexis
    Diana W. Bianchi studied the medical treatment of premature and newborn infants in the US during the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. Bianchi helped develop non-invasive prenatal genetic tests that use cell-free fetal ...
  • United States v. Dennett (1930) 

    Malladi, Lakshmeeramya
    In the 1930 US federal court case United States v. Dennett, Mary Coffin Ware Dennett was cleared of all charges of violating the anti-obscenity Comstock Act, a charge she had incurred by distributing her sex education ...
  • Curt Jacob Stern (1902-1981) 

    Garcia, Dasia
    Curt Jacob Stern studied radiation and chromosomes in humans and fruit flies in the United States during the twentieth century. He researched the mechanisms of inheritance and of mitosis, or the process in which the ...

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