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  • Planned Parenthood Center of Tucson (1950-1977) 

    Nunez-Eddy, Claudia
    Established in 1950, the Planned Parenthood Center of Tucson provided Arizona women with family planning resources until 1977, when it expanded to locations outside of Tucson and became Planned Parenthood of Southern ...
  • Jeter v. Mayo (2005) 

    Chapman, Jennifer E.
    In Jeter v. Mayo, the Court of Appeals of Arizona in 2005 held that a cryopreserved, three-day-old pre-embryo is not a person for purposes of Arizona's wrongful death statutes, and that the Arizona Legislature was best ...
  • Title X Family Planning Program (1970–1977) 

    Ciardullo, Patsy; Wagoner, Nevada
    The Family Planning Services and Public Research Act of 1970, often called Title X Family Planning Program, is a US federal law that provides federal funding for family planning services to low income or uninsured families. ...
  • Margaret (Peggy) Goldwater (1909–1985) 

    Nunez-Eddy, Claudia
    Margaret Goldwater advocated for birth control and reproductive rights in the United States during the twentieth century. Goldwater was a socialite and philanthropist and was married to Barry Goldwater, US Senator from ...
  • Margaret Higgins Sanger (1879-1966) 

    Nunez-Eddy, Claudia; Malladi, Lakshmeeramya
    Margaret Higgins Sanger advocated for birth control in the United States and Europe during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Although people used contraceptives prior to the twentieth century, in the US ...

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