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  • Sex in a Cold Climate (1998) 

    Darby, Alexis
    In 1998, Testimony Films released the documentary Sex in a Cold Climate, which reported the true stories of four survivors from the Magdalene asylums in Ireland in the twentieth century. Magdalene asylums, also called ...
  • Karl Freiherr von Rokitansky (1804–1878) 

    Santora, Emily
    During the nineteenth century, Karl Freiherr von Rokitansky conducted research on the causes of disease by performing approximately 30,000 autopsies, a practice that many people opposed at the time. Rokitansky performed ...
  • Otto Rank (1884–1939) 

    Keller, Carrie
    Otto Rank studied how birth impacts individuals’ psychology and creates anxiety throughout their lives in Europe and the US during the nineteenth century. In his book The Trauma of Birth, Rank stated that birth was extremely ...
  • Gail Roberta Martin (1944– ) 

    Villarreal, Lance
    In the twentieth and early twenty-first centuries, Gail Roberta Martin specialized in biochemistry and embryology, more specifically cellular communication and the development of organs. In 1981, she named any cell taken ...
  • Thomas Raphael Verny (1936– ) 

    Keller, Carrie
    During the twentieth century, Thomas Raphael Verny studied the way that environment affects a developing fetus’s character and psychological development. Verny studied the concept of memory before birth and covered both ...

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