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  • Hans Asperger (1906-1980) 

    Bohnenberger, Alexandra
    Hans Asperger studied mental abnormalities in children in Vienna, Austria, in the early twentieth century. Asperger was one of the early researchers who studied the syndrome that was later named after him, Asperger's ...
  • Skinner v. Oklahoma (1942) 

    Gur-Arie, Rachel
    In 1942, the United States Supreme Court Case of Skinner v. Oklahoma ruled that states could not legally sterilize those inmates of prisons deemed habitual criminals. Skinner v. Oklahoma was about the case of Jack Skinner, ...
  • Aristotle (384-322 BCE) 

    Haskett, Dorothy Regan; Racine, Valerie; Yang, Joanna
    Aristotle studied developing organisms, among other things, in ancient Greece, and his writings shaped Western philosophy and natural science for greater than two thousand years. He spent much of his life in Greece and ...
  • Julia Barlow Platt (1857-1935) 

    Ramirez, Karina
    Julia Barlow Platt studied neural crests in animal embryos and became involved in politics in the US during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. She researched how body and head segments formed in chicks (Gallus gallus) ...
  • The Hedgehog Signaling Pathway in Vertebrates  

    Haskett, Dorothy Regan
    The hedgehog signaling pathway is a mechanism that regulates cell growth and differentiation during embryonic development, called embryogenesis, in animals. The hedgehog signaling pathway works both between cells and within ...

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